Wedding Jewelry

Wedding Jewelry
Wedding Jewelry

Thursday, July 25, 2013


We love making jewelry - and we make lots of it. Truly, so much goes into each piece. For those of us in the office and studio we don't get the rush of gratification from seeing someone's face when they come in to pick up their engagement ring or necklace that we've worked on. More often we're putting out fires of materials problems and rushing orders thru so that someone can propose on their chosen date. What makes all this worthwhile (beside the fact that we generally love what we do) is when we get unsolicited, heart-felt feedback from our customers - of which we've gotten a bunch as of late! We got permission to share a few of these on the blog - thanks so much to our wonderful customers.

'Dear Rebekah, last evening J. and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. After dinner I gave her the ring you worked so hard to restore. She loves it. The beautiful diamond you selected sparkles on her hand. She feels it is a happy ring, it’s visual and physical lightness really appeals to her, and the classic yet modern design of the piece is just to her taste.  The proportions of the ring look great on her beautiful long tapering fingers. Your extraordinary craftsmanship and talent as a designer transformed my grandmother’s ring into a uniquely beautiful piece. Thank you so much for helping us to mark and celebrate this milestone in our lives. All the best to you and yours' - Tim, June 26th

'Hey Rebekah and crew - we picked up our wedding rings a couple weeks ago, and we haven't yet had a chance to thank everyone for the great advice, friendliness, and general good vibes we got there. We love the rings, and we value the fact that they're hand-made locally. In a time where so many things are cheapened by mass-production it's nice to see a successful business dealing with such quality. Again, many thanks and be well!  Hopefully we'll get some ring photos from the big day to send along!' - Phil, July 11th

'Rebekah, what a joy to work with you. Both E. & I said how grateful we are to have your hands and spirit working on our rings.  Many many thanks.' - Joy, July16

Monday, July 22, 2013


The blog has gone quiet of late due to the oppressive heat melting our ambitions. That, and we also had company vacation the past couple weeks! So nice to un-plug & disconnect for a minute. Built an improvised brick oven in the woods of NH, swam alot & even hung out with baby goats. Now that we're back we are re-invigorated & over the next couple weeks will be moving into a bigger & better production studio. All very inspiring, so look for new posts coming shortly..